About Us

Flavours Boutique is a brand name that already has a mileage that has been well received in Gauteng and South Africa in general with a mirage of customers and clients all over the country but largely concentrated in Gauteng. Flavours Boutique has been in existence for the past 10 years operating via the client call system. Over the years it has generated vast interest to those interested in latest fashion trends and attracted a more sophisticated clientele that has made it more sophisticated in its outlook. It originally operated in Ferndale and has since taken the bold move to open up a shop in new Fourways mall.


The clientele has been largely concentrated on middle and high-income earners, however the taste and desire of every client is always catered for and addressed. The tailor made approach of the marketing drive has made it possible for the business to satisfy the needs of the overall client base from all walks of life. We seek to put the fashion trends on a pedestal driven by client taste and desire without compromising the international standards as well as the quality as set by the major fashion capitals of the world. We thus can create any garment that our customers are interested in to fit in with their special requirements and taste. This ability to make customized clothing from scratch enable us to create proper fitting garments independent of the body size or shape of our customers. This is a unique service that Flavours Boutique offer to its customers.

We stock from the finest labels in the world including South Africa as we are also the member of the Proudly South African Label which promotes and lobby for the development and growth of the South African manufactured products and services that seeks to create employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Flavours Boutique owns its own label that is registered in South Africa.

Our Objects

  •  To provide exclusive garments for the fashion conscience
  • To be a trend setter in fashion wear and style
  • Offer exquisite garments at competitive prices
  • To provide the local market with the latest fashion wear
  • To brand the business against elegance and style as trademarks
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